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Florence Rice Hitchcock and the Theory of the Soft Earth

Florence Rice Hitchcock and the Theory of the Soft Earth explores ideas of interconnectedness and indeterminacy through the story of Florence Rice Hitchcock, a forgotten nineteenth-century geologist at work at a theory that predicts future scientific understanding and forefronts social responsibility. The performance weaves together dance, animation, mock documentary video, and historical research as it prompts viewers to reflect on our relationship to the natural world and to one another.

Florence's Soft Earth theory has its roots in spiritual and scientific ideas across cultures and time periods, and stretches to meet evolving current understanding of the role of uncertainty in how the universe functions, and the effects of humans on the earth and other species.

Created with and performed by Candice Salyers.

Imaginary biography
Geology, Stratigraphic--Anthropocene
Chaotic behavior in systems
Quantum cosmology
Causality (Physics)
Intersectionality (Sociology)
Social ecology